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NC Museum of Dolls, Toys & Miniatures

About Us

The NC Museum of Dolls, Toys & Miniatures (NCMDTM) is a remarkable, must-see destination for families with children, collectors, scholars, and anyone interested in the history, evolution, and future of childhood playthings, the stories they tell, and their role over time as American cultural artifacts.

Located just 35 miles northeast of Charlotte, in Spencer, NC, the NCMDTM has been recognized as one of 35 of North Carolina’s Most Unforgettable Museums. The Museum is the only one of its kind in NC, and one of only a handful of nonprofit museums of its type in the nation.

The NCMDTM is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, collecting, study, and appreciation of dolls, toys, and miniatures. There is nothing more heartwarming and nostalgic for adult visitors than when they see their favorite childhood items on display, while boys and girls can’t get enough of the museum's hands-on exhibits, play spaces, and creative learning opportunities. Rotating exhibits include a spectrum of antique to contemporary childhood favorites, including the largest known Shirley Temple doll, Schoenhut Humpty-Dumpty Circus, and Schoenhut doll collections available for public viewing.

The NCMDTM was founded in 2010 by the Morris and Nance families to honor their daughter Amy Dawn Morris. Amy, a passionate collector of dolls and miniatures, succumbed to Werding-Hoffman Disease - a rare muscle wasting condition - just two weeks shy of her 22nd birthday. Soon afterwards, the Museum opened its doors featuring her cherished collection of dolls and miniatures. Today, the Museum has thousands of items in its collection, most donated by collectors who wish to preserve their childhood artifacts. 

For those seeking rare collectibles, this is the museum’s biggest don’t-miss exhibit.

-Our State Magazine

From Shirley Temple dolls to trains and die-cast racecars, the Spencer Doll and Toy Museum has something for every age and gender.

- Catawba Pioneer

Visitor Testimonials

Liked very much!

- Nathan and Frances Ellsworth, Patrick Springs, VA

Slice of History, so amazed of the collection!

- Paul Varame, Woodmere, NY

What a wonderful place!! You will not be disappointed.

- Vicki Graham from NC

We loved our stop here.The only other comparable toy museum I have been to is the Shelburne Museum in Vermont but I think this place has more items on display.”

- Raelene Vatrum from OH

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